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Kris Deelane: Alchemy Shed a place for live music / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #293

05/13/2021 | 0 comments

By TOM D'ANTONI // Singer-guitarist Kris Deelane has re-opened her lovely outdoor music venue, Alchemy Shed. First shows are this weekend!


Marcia Hocker: Multi-talented and ready for the next big thing. / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #291

04/29/2021 | 0 comments

By TOM D'ANTONI // Marcia Hocker...Jazz educator, KBOO radio host, singer and a lot more. Ready for her next major role.


Louis Pain and Renato Caranto at Vino Veritas on 04/15/21 - Photos

04/18/2021 | 1 comments

By DIANE RUSSELL // The return of OMN Photo Galleries! Louis Pain and Renato Caranto.


Norman Sylvester: He sings, talks about virtual Bravo Orchestra project / Coffeeshop Conversations #289

04/15/2021 | 0 comments

By TOM D'ANTONI // The Boogie Cat, Norman Sylvester on Sunday, April 18th's Bravo Youth Orchestra's Crossing Borders event....he'll also sing a little for us.


An in-person Waterfront Blues Festival returns...upriver

04/06/2021 | 0 comments

They've moved the Waterfront Blues Festival to the The Lot at Zidell Yards, Portland’s socially-distanced, outdoor performance venue, located in the South Waterfront neighborhood July 2-5....this ...


Greg Johnson, Cascade Blues Association prez raising money for cancer treatment

04/02/2021 | 0 comments

Greg Johnson aka Slim Lively CBA president has a GoFundMe page to raise money for his cancer treatment.


Reggie Houston moving back to New Orleans

03/29/2021 | 19 comments

Beloved saxophonist Reggie Houston is returning to New Orleans. Here's something he wants you to know.


Jimmy Mak s painting by Diane Russell

JD Stubenberg: No...Jimmy Mak's is not a dead issue / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #286

03/25/2021 | 0 comments

By TOM D'ANTONI // JD Stubenberg and Lisa Boyle are still at work on the new Jimmy Mak's four years after it closed. That's a ray of hope in bad times for music and musiciains. JD tells us about it.


Lynn Darroch has a new piece and a new slot for his radio show.

03/21/2021 | 1 comments

A new piece written and spoken by Lynn Darroch with music by Jonothan Swanson...and a new slot for Lynn's KMHD show.


Dave Fleschner: That funky keyboardist you've always heard / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #285

03/18/2021 | 0 comments

By TOM D'ANTONI // Keyboardist Dave Fleschner talks about his years playing Soul, Funk and Blues including six years with Curtis Salgado.


Photo by Oded Shulsinger

George Colligan: New album as leader and drummer / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #284

03/11/2021 | 0 comments

By TOM D'ANTONI // George Colligan, Jazz composer, pianist and teacher has a  new album as a leader and drummer with his band Theoretical Planets


Curtis Salgado rocks on: A new album, Damage Control / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #282

02/25/2021 | 0 comments

By TOM D'ANTONI // Curtis Salgado's new album Damage Control is a brilliant, inspiring, funkCurtis Salgado rocks on: it's a rocking, inspiring, funky, Bluesy work of art. Perhaps his best. Listen ...


Chris Doss PDX Jazz ED on every performance in the 2021 Portland Jazz Festival / Cofffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music 273

02/19/2021 | 0 comments

By TOM D'ANTONI // PDX Jazz Executive Director tell us about all the music in the 2021 Portland Jazz Festival February 17-27. Listen to him run down the whole festival. All the guide you'll ever need.


Guitarist John Stowell: A new album and a busy schedule despite / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #280

02/11/2021 | 0 comments

By TOM D'ANTONI // John Stowell has not missed a beat, a new album, lots of teaching and gigs including one on Saturday 2/20 at The Sea Crab House in Seaside.


Jarrod Lawson: A new album - relevant and funky / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #278

01/21/2021 | 0 comments

By TOM D'ANTONI // Oregon's Jarrod Lawson has a new album called Be the Change. If you've been waiting for a new album from Jarrod, he'll tell you all about it. Includes the title tune at the end ...


OMN photo by Diane Russell

George Colligan's Jazz Truth: Play-along videos and other means to deal with the situation / Q&A

01/15/2021 | 0 comments

By MICHAEL "SHOEHORN" CONLEY //  George Colligan has recently moved his jazztruth series from the blog format to a video platform featuring locally-sourced, artisanal play-along videos of ...


Merry Christmas from everyone at OMN: Winter Wonderland: John Fahey and Terry Robb live

12/25/2020 | 0 comments

....and all the other holidays too. Terry Robb and John Fahey from 1983. Oregon is always a winter wonderland....or will be again.


Flat Five: "Buglight" / OMN Featured video

12/07/2020 | 0 comments

Flat Five is Kelly Hogan and Nora O'Connor (Neko Case, The Decemberists), Scott Ligon and Casey McDonough (NRBQ) and Alex Hall (J.D. McPherson) - are releasing a new album of twisted sunshine vocal ...


Brian Jackson will do an evening of Gil Scott Heron, February 23.

Portland Jazz Festival 2021 / Streaming but happening: Schedule announced

11/16/2020 | 0 comments

PDXJazz announces the schedule for the 2021 PDX Jazz Festival..all-streaming from Jack London Review. February 18-27. Tickets on sale Friday 11/20.


(Being) Keith Jarrett: A giant forced to stop playing

10/25/2020 | 1 comments

By BILL ROYSTON // No one died. But the empty feeling is the same. Mourning and loss; memories and grief...


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