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Andrew Paul Woodworth - 2022 edition / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #324

01/27/2022 | 0 comments

By TOM D'ANTONI // Our usual visit full of jokes and sarcasm has had a new emotional addition.....Mr. Woodworth's baby boy. It has effected everything....in the best way possible. 


Best of 2021: Stephanie Schneiderman and Tony Furtado: Video episode / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #301

01/11/2022 | 0 comments

Everybody is doing their best-of 2021’s and why should we be any different? We’re not. We’re as exhausted at the twists and turns doled out by 2021 as anyone, and gearing up for more ...


Cheryl Pawelski of Omnivore Recordings: Geeking out with a Grammy winner / BEST OF Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music 2021

12/27/2021 | 0 comments

By TOM DANTONI // Semi-Portland-based Omnivore Recordings won a Grammy for It’s Such A Good Feeling: The Best of Mister Rogers. Meet label co-founder Cheryl Pawelski and prepare to ...


Marti and Chef Josef making something delicious.

Marti Mendenhall, Excited about 2022/ Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #323

12/16/2021 | 0 comments

By TOM D'ANTONI // What does Marti Mendenhall have in store for us in season three of the Marti's Music Kitchen podcast?


Courtney Von Drehle and friends with a big holiday show / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #322

12/09/2021 | 0 comments

BY TOM D'ANTONI // Courtney Von Drehle and fellow Meester Bela Balogh are back with a huge holiday show at Alberta Rose Theater, Saturday and Sunday December 18 and 19.


Gary Furlow: The Wizard behind OMN's video episodes Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #321

12/02/2021 | 0 comments

By TOM D'ANTONI // Gary Furlow is why OMN's video episodes look and sound so good. He's an old pro's pro. He and I talk shop and swap TV stories.


John Waters: His Christmas show returns to the Aladdin Tuesday, November 30 at the Aladdin, Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music#320

11/18/2021 | 0 comments

By TOM D'ANTONI // John Waters returns with his "John Waters Christmas" show at the Aladdin Theater Tuesday, November 30 and he has lots to say about it.


Boone Johnson of Moon and Bike: Ambient meets Americana / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #319

11/11/2021 | 0 comments

By TOM D'ANTONI // A new duo made up of guys who have been playing together for decades. Moon and Bike combine acoustic and electric guitars. The gigs are starting to happen. Next one is Friday, December ...


Photo by Inger Klekacz

Reed Wallsmith: Blue Cranes make a masterpiece / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #318

11/04/2021 | 0 comments

By TOM D'ANTONI // After a long wait, the new Blue Cranes album is out and it's magnificent. Individual vocal collaborations. Reed Wallsmith talks about it. Track at the end.


Shawn Levy : Poems inspired by obituaries./ Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music # 317

10/28/2021 | 0 comments

By TOM D'ANTONI // Shawn Levy's new book is called A Year in the Life of Death: Poems Inspired by the Obituary Pages of the New York Times. He'll read a few during our conversation.


Acoustic Guitar Summit

Doug Smith: The Return of Acoustic Guitar Summit / Coffeeshop Conversations #316

10/21/2021 | 0 comments

By TOM D'ANTONI // After a year's absence, Acoustic Guitar Summit is back for their traditional holiday concerts. Our guest Doug Smith, plus Terry Robb and Mark Hanson.


Stephanie Strange (and the Familiars) have a new album. Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #315

10/14/2021 | 0 comments

By TOM D'ANTONI // New music from Strange and the Familiars and just how Strange are they? Listen to "Pie" after the conversation.


EXCLUSIVE: Jim Brunberg: Live music, where we stand + a new Wonderly album / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #314

10/07/2021 | 0 comments

By TOM D'ANTONI // ECLUSIVE: Jim Brunberg, club/concert venue owner/musician/composer and activist in the movement to save our music venues talks about the state of live music in Oregon. Also hear a track ...


Mary - Sue Tobin: Catching up, Quads, albums, concerts / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #313

09/30/2021 | 0 comments

By TOM D'ANTONI // Saxophonist Mary-Sue Tobin was our first guest here 7 years ago. Let's find out what's new with her, the Quadraphonnes and lots more.


Sappho helps birth new queer dance label: Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #312

09/23/2021 | 0 comments

By TOM D'ANTONI // DJ Sappho talks about the new queer dance music label she and Damon Boucher have just launched.


Bobby Torres: Playing on the Mad Dogs and Englishmen Tour Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #311

09/16/2021 | 1 comments

By TOM D'ANTONI // Released in 1970 Joe Cocker's Mad Dogs and Englishmen album was an instant classic. Portland's Bobby Torres was in the band. Listen to him reveal some of the backstory.


David Vest: 2 new Blues albums, both very different / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #310

09/09/2021 | 0 comments

By TOM D'ANTONI // Oregon favorite turned Canadian, Bluesman David Vest has two new albums, both live, all Blues but very different. Find out how and hear a version of Mystery Train that'll surprise you.


Ken DeRouchie band at Goodfoot Lounge / OMN s 10th Anniversary party / Photo by Brent Angelo

Goodfoot's Neil Leeborg on survival tactics amid daily changes. Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #309

09/02/2021 | 0 comments

By TOM D'ANTONI // With the virus changing our plans what seems like weekly, let's hear from Neil Leeborg, the co-owner of the Goodfoot Lounge, on what he has to do in order to keep bringing us the music.


Cecil Taylor and Gary Giddins: The long-ago night I interviewed them on the radio / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #308

08/27/2021 | 3 comments

By TOM D'ANTONI // One night in March of 1990, I did a phoner on the radio with Cecil Taylor and Gary Giddins, both giants. Taylor for his music, Giddins for his music journalism and I was along for the ...


Noah Kite: Chamber Folk and a new album / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #307

08/19/2021 | 0 comments

By TOM D'ANTONI // Noah Kite calls what he does "Chamber Folk." Find out what it is and all about his new album, Drunk Lil Guy, our this week.


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