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Reggie Houston and friends at the Laurelthirst Public House on 8/17/2022 - Photos

Aug 19, 2022


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Kid Cudi at Veteran Memorial Coliseum on 08/18/2022 Photos

Aug 19, 2022


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Reggie Houston returns to Portland: Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #346

Aug 18, 2022

By TOM D'ANTONI // Reggie Houston returns to Portland for a visit (and eventual live-in return). And we return in-person to the Cafe at Artichoke Music. It's classic Reggie Houston storytelling.

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Rich Layton: How To Play Harmonica While Roasting Coffee / Marti's Music Kitchen #44

Aug 16, 2022

By MARTI MENDENHALL // Rich Layton is the the King of Coffee and Duke of Juke. Give it a listen and roast some coffee with this roots rock front man.

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August Burns Red at the Roseland Theater on 8/12/2022 - Photos

Aug 14, 2022


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Featured Audio

Nov 23, 2021

My Brothers and I: "Anger and Grace" / Featured audio

Oregon-based brothers-turned-bandmates, My Brothers And I just released a new single entitled "Anger and Grace,"

We are told: Oregon-based brothers-turned-bandmates, My Brothers And I, exude soul and emotion through their indie pop jams. The band, which consists of Wurgler brothers Erik (bass/vocals), David (lead ...


Apr 14, 2021

Killin' The Silence: "Life Support: / OMN Featured audio

Just released, Killin' the Silence gives us "Life Support" from conversations between vocalist Monivoi Vataiki, lyricist Stephen Jerome, and producer/lyricist The Stains of Leisure about near death experiences that they had personally lived through and what it was like to occupying that hazy space between life and death.

We are told:   This genesis of Killin the Silence's new single "Life Support," was released by the Portland, Oregon-based hip-hop group April 8th, sprang from conversations between vocalist ...


Nov 12, 2020

Pick Me Up (Tony Ozier Remix) · Jonas · The Scratch Professer

Portland's Tony Ozier's remix of Jonas and The Scratch Professer's Pick Me Up. OMN Featured audio.

SoulTracks Magazine says: He’s called “The Godfather of Scandinavian Soul” for a reason, and singer, songwriter and musician Jonas Rendbo, aka Jonas, has been on ...


Oct 2, 2020

Rakes: Dig Deep / OMN Featured Audio

This is the Rakes' debut: guitarist/vocalist Andrew Foster, vocalist Chelsea Walker, bassist D. Rives Curtright, drummer Tim, and keyboardist Jake, 

We are told: Rock comes in many forms,  But, rock rooted in its ancestry; rock that both is loud and sweaty, made to dance to, while honoring its forefathers and steeping itself in the traditions ...


Jun 24, 2020

Skip vonKuske: The cellist at work during a pandemic / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #252

By TOM D'ANTONI // Although Portland Cello Project, Groovy Wallpaper and Skip vonKuske's other projects, solo and otherwise are prevented from in-person appearances, he's had a busy spring.

Today Portland Cello Project’s Skip vonKuske is in the Artichoke Music Café with me. That’s not the only ensemble he’s involved with. He has lots of projects and after we’re ...


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