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Audio premiere: Leadbetter Band / "All It Is"

Leadbetter is a band from Bend. This is the premiere of "All It Is," their new song from their new album Cake. OMN Featured audio.

We are told:

Eric Leadbetter on the song:  "'All It Is' is a really fun funky rock tune that was born with the rebirth and new line up of the band.  It started as a groove in my head when driving to a gig, and all of a sudden it had a hook and a fun melody.  I grabbed my guitar the next day and with the melody and groove already established, the chords fell seamlessly into place.  To top it off, Aaron Moore (bassist, vocalist), took the role of lead vocals and knocked his lead vocal debut out of the park!"

Bend, Oregon-based Leadbetter Band are set to release their third full-length album, Cake, March 4th on all streaming platforms. Comprised of guitarist/vocalist Eric Leadbetter, bassist/vocalist Aaron Moore, and drummer Kaleb Kelleher, the power trio create 70s-era rock ’n’ roll with a modern approach, delivering a sound that is both nostalgic and fresh. Sharing lead vocal duties, Leadbetter and Moore deliver a 1-2 punch on their forthcoming, nine-track full-length album.

Recorded at Temple of the Trees in Seattle, Washington with legendary engineer/producer Joe Reineke at the helm, the Leadbetter Band follows up their 2019 self-titled debut and 2021’s Howl with Cake, which furthers the band’s songwriting prowess while, thanks to Reineke, adds depth and layers to the recordings.

“[Reineke] took the songs and tones to new heights,” exclaims Leadbetter, discussing the album. “He challenged us and really brought the heat with this album.”

The second incarnation of the Leadbetter Band, the band gelled in the studio, as Leadbetter points out, “This is very fun because Aaron and I switch off singing lead vocals, and that provides a lot of entertaining variety. Kaleb and I have been in two other bands together so we have a long history of playing together. People confuse us all the time because they say we look like brothers.”

The result is a collection of tunes, all penned by Leadbetter, that sprouted out of their live chemistry, which shows in the recordings, where all songs thrive on a live energy sound, while also sounding sonically immediate, thanks to Reinecke’s production.

Cake opens up with the album’s title track, Leadbetter says the album got its name because it’s “all about trying to have cake and eat it too.”

"Cake" is all rock swagger, instantly establishing the album - and the band - as a rock ’n’ roll force, recalling Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, and The Faces, to name a few, while spitting out a jammer that is sure to get you to move.  

But, the band isn’t a guitar-rock retro one trick pony, delivering the funk on “All It Is,” the meditative on “Another Light Year,” and album closer, “Make It Your Own,” finishes out with a slow-burning, dazzling slow dance of a rocker.  Meanwhile, several other rockers fill out the album, ensuring there isn’t a dull moment throughout the nine tracks.

When asked if the album came out the way he heard it in his head, Leadbetter states, “In a way yes, in a way no. I’ve found that good songs have a life of their own and evolve with time. They unfold. So the seeds planted for each song grew, but they flowered into a more intricate and beautiful version than I ever could have imagined.”

Discussing the highlights of the album, Leadbetter says, “I think ‘Mountains’ might be one of my favorite tracks because it really takes you on a rock journey. Covers a lot of ground and has some great riffed mixed with some jazzy chords in the bridge and solo. I also really love the work Joe did on the swarm-o-tron on ‘Another Light Year’ and ‘Watchdog.’ What a cool gadget.”

He continues, “I think people crave nostalgia. It's original music inspired by the rock ’n’ roll we love and grew up on. It's different than everything else out there today, but has ghostly echos of sounds we love.”

With the album slated for release in March, now the band plans to hit the road, play all types of venues, and expose new ears to Cake.  

“We are a grassroots, self-managed, indie label owning band,” Leadbetter comments, talking about the plan once Cake is released. “We really work hard to have a full schedule, I play 240-260 shows per year, solo, duo, and full band. I pride myself on working hard to bring the music to new ears constantly. We've carved out a niche with this style of rock that can only be described as ‘Leadbetter Band.’ So, we really want as many people as possible to listen to it. Of course, we'd like to sell some vinyl and CDs, and digital copies. But, at the end of the day, we just want it to be enjoyed, and re-played again and again. This is by far our greatest work, and we want to share the fruits of our labors. We'd also love this album to grab some attention in the industry to open more doors and opportunities for live performances.”

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