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Andrew Paul Woodworth: Pez, apples, lunchables and Trump on the toilet / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #211

By TOM D'ANTONI // The return of Andrew Paul Woodworth who came bearing gifts straight from 7-11. We even talk about music a little. Funny stuff. NSFW

Well, we’ve got one for you this time. Returning to the spotlight is Andrew Paul Woodworth who is a talented singer and composer, and has been a movie actor and also did the funniest NSFW episode of this podcast last time he was here.

We’re at Artichoke Café at Artichoke Music, 2007 Powell Boulevard in Portland where we’ll be shooting two new video episodes of OMN’s Coffeeshop Conversations next week. Couples who are both working musicians…Shelly Rudolph and Chance Hayden and Lisa Mann an Allen Markel.

The recorder got turned on early this time and when we join the conversation, we were already gabbing. Maybe next time we’ll just be rolling when he walks in the door.


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