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Voices Carry: MILCK launches #icantkeepquiet protest project

By ANA AMMANN // Multicultural Artists Inspire Expression And Participation In Upcoming March On Washington

Publisher's Note:

As a long-time advocate for women in the arts, when my friend, recording artist Connie Lim (aka MILCK) told me about a music and social initiative she wanted to launch during this weekend’s March on Washington, I immediately wanted to get involved.

MILCK and her good friend Krista Suh, a co-founder of The Pussyhat Project, are looking to make a visual and sonic impact on Washington this weekend with bright pink “pussyhats” (being knit all across Oregon…and the world!) and choral performances of her latest song, “Quiet”.

This weekend’s rally in DC will serve as the perfect backdrop for MILCK to launch the social movement #icantkeepquiet that aims to encourage others to speak out and celebrate their unique voices and identities the way she has in “Quiet”.

I hope you will share this press release that I crafted for them with your social networks to spread the word of their movements and find a way to lend your voice to the things that matter to you.

*OMN photographer, graphic artist and University of Oregon student Henry Ammann is the creator of the #ICANTKEEPQUIET logo.

Ana Ammann, Publisher


As women and men throughout the country prep their marching boots to participate in the January 21st “Women’s March on Washington” to amplify the voices of women and minorities the day after our nation’s presidential inauguration, two Los Angeles-based artists have launched creative campaigns to engage communities and demonstrate unity for the event.

Screenwriter Krista Suh and recording artist Connie Lim (aka MILCK) are leading independent projects that provide opportunities for expression and peaceful activism for all women, including those who can’t make it to D.C. One initiative is using craft, while the other is leveraging the craft of songwriting - both are about sharing and participating. Their movements will undoubtedly break the stereotype of the demure and voiceless Asian-American woman. “This election campaign truly lit a flame within both of us - we could no longer keep quiet,” said Lim.

Suh’s initiative, The Pussyhat Project, which launched over Thanksgiving and was recently added to the roster of official partners for the March, is recruiting an alliance of volunteer knitters from across the country to make 1.17 million bright pink, cat-eared (“pussy”) hats for women to wear during the demonstration. The intent is to create a unified and empowering visual while taking back the term our President-elect used in such a demeaning way. “I wanted to start a movement that would spark fun, yet powerful empowerment both within each woman, and between many women,” said Suh.

Knitters of all abilities sign up to knit a hat (individually or in groups), download the pattern, then send their hats to DC for a marcher to wear, complete with a letter of encouragement from the person who created the hat. The Hat Tracker on the project’s website registers who is knitting and from what part of the world they reside. The initiative has reached a global audience with hats coming from as far away as Australia and Germany.

Vocalist MILCK is engaging community to lend their literal and figurative voices. After her first single, “Devil Devil” hit over 1 million streams on YouTube garnering her a spot on Shazam's Watchlist, MILCK found that her rebellious voice was gaining momentum. Her follow up single, “Quiet”, to be released January 18th, feels perfectly timed as our newly elected leader has sought to silence any criticism he has faced and his egregious comments about women and minorities continue to circulate.

“Quiet” is a rally cry for men and women to not be afraid of their truth. “With this song, I feel like I’m finally allowing my truest inner self to be expressed. In this time of fear, propaganda and discrimination, it is critical for our individual and collective voices to be heard. With this song I’m saying I am NOT the woman who is going to stay quiet where there are figures who promote oppression. I want to encourage others to give a voice to whatever they may have silenced, political or personal.”

To that end, MILCK has launched a campaign called #ICANTKEEPQUIET. Her goal is to start a million “one woman riots” through song and virtual sharing/storytelling. The project is dedicated to celebrating our unique voices and identities in an effort to break the cycles of oppression perpetuated by today's media.

During the march, she will be leading the #ICANTKEEPQUIET choir, an all-female super group comprised of 26 women from Los Angeles and D.C. The choir boasts a beautiful range of backgrounds, shapes, and sizes –from the 18 year old college student who performs with George Washington University's GW SIRENS, to the working mother of three. The women will perform acapella flash mob-style performances of “Quiet” throughout the city while also serving as Pussy Power Pack Women to distribute Pussy Power Hats.

To encourage others to vocalize whatever they may be holding inside, MILCK has launched a website and social media campaign via www.icantkeepquiet.org as a place to collect and share personal stories of speaking out and owning one’s truth.  The campaign aims to raise awareness against abuse of women and minorities, while encouraging empathy, tolerance and understanding towards one another.


1. Download the knitting template from the pussyhat project website and knit a hat on your own or as part of a group! www.pussyhatproject.com

2. Come sing with us at designated time and location on the day of the march January 21st, locations to be announced on our website. Follow us on Instagram and sign up for our email list for updates. 

3. Join the movement on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook by using the hashtag #ICANTKEEPQUIET. Share your story or submit a story of someone you know who has gone the distance in order to voice his/her truth, despite how hard it was. We want to write about it! 

4. Keep the effort going by getting some swag! #ICANTKEEPQUIET merchandise is on its way. 50% of all proceeds will go directly to the Los Angeles sector of Step Up

For more information on The Pussyhat Project and #ICANTKEEPQUIET visit:



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MILCK (born Connie Lim) is an Asian American, Los Angeles vocalist, keyboardist, songwriter and producer who creates music to empower the voiceless and oppressed. In late 2016 Shazam listed MILCK on their "Artist Watchlist", while in 2011 she competed as a finalist on the first season of The Voice under her given name Connie Lim. She's graced the Staples 4 times, singing the national anthem for both the NBA Clippers and WNBA Sparks.  

Her alias project MILCK's debut single “Devil Devil” was released in 2016, and has since been featured on the season finale on E! The Royals, Netflix’s Marco Polo trailer, Fox’s Empire trailer, Fox's Lucifer and Pretty Little Liars.  This one song has garnered MILCK over 1 million YouTube views.

Outside of the studio MILCK writes for the Voice Council Magazine about positive self-image and empowerment in the music industry. She also speaks and sings at middle schools in California in conjunction with local nonprofits like Freedom For You, sharing her story of finding music to heal during times of distress. 







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