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Sheila Wilcoxson: Coffeeshop Conversation #95 / The return

By TOM D'ANTONI // She was the queen of the blues in Portland and then she disappeared. Now she's back. Find out why.

Back in the World Cup Coffee and Tea at NW 18th and Glilsan after a week off keeping company with the flu, it’s another OMN Coffeeshop Conversation.

With me today is a singer whose name you may recognize if you were a music fan in Portland twenty years ago. She was the queen of Portland Blues singers back then. Her name is Sheila Wilcoxson.

All of a sudden she was gone from the scene around fifteen years ago. Vanished. What happened? No, it wasn’t drugs or alcohol. It was more complicated than that.

If you ever wonder what ever happened to her and why she has begun singing again…you’re about to find out.

And you’re going to hear her sing again during this Coffeeshop Conversation.

Live in 2005

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Art Levine

Really one of the best blues singers who emerged in the last 25 years. Very enlightening interview. Talent alone isn't enough to succeed in the music business, unfortunately..But posting videos online during those years could have kept her music and voice visible to a public that would surely fall in love with her work if they had a chance to see and hear her.

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