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Rooftop Screamers: "Your Day Will Come (feat. David Paton)"/OMN Featured Video

Mike Collins' studio project Rooftop Screamers enlists locals and legends to deliver Beatles-inspired, pop perfection in "Your Day Will Come (feat David Paton)" 

Portland-based drummer and songwriter Mike Collins knows how to keep busy.

His credits include touring and recording with legendary guitarist Earl Slick (David Bowie, John Lennon) and being a founding member of pop-rock outfit Throwback Suburbia.

These days, Collins performs with Ants in the Kitchen, an eight piece “horn band” that mixes classic 70’s era funk, blues and soul, as well as with Portland power-Rock trio, Metts Ryan & Collins. 

Rooftop Screamers is Collins’ latest studio project that serves as an outlet for showcasing his original songs and collaborating with some of his favorite singers, musicians and producers.

OMN asked Mike to tell us about his video “Your Day Will Come.” He told us:

"Your Day Will Come" is a ballad I wrote about the old adage that life is a journey, not a destination. As in, don't get too attached to the outcome of anything, because life can throw us curve balls. Just enjoy the ride.

For the video, I wanted to have a feeling of childhood innocence to support the message of the song. I had child actor Elijah Cohen play the curious kid who embarks on a fun day in an abandoned train yard (filmed at the Oregon Rail Heritage Center). I also enlisted kids from the Hammersmith Rock Institute to play the part of the band. Dan Pred directed.

For the recording, I assembled an all-star cast of some of the best players in Portland. They included: Kevin Hahn (Stone in Love, Animotion) on guitars as well as producer; Dirk Sullivan (Love on Ice) on rhythm and lead guitars; Kelly LeMieux (BuckCherry) on bass; and Gil Assayas (Todd Rundgren) on keyboards. 

On vocals, I reached out across the pond to Edinburgh, Scotland to recruit pop legend David Paton. David sang the #1 hit "Magic" with his band Pilot and was one of the founding members of the Alan Parsons Project.

It was truly an honor to work with David and all the musicians who contributed.”

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Dora Canaver

Great song and David's voice just got better. Thanks for the lyric Mike.

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