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Photo: Mayumi Hirata
Photo: Mayumi Hirata

Otoboke Beaver, Feb. 22nd at Wonder Ballroom - Preview

 By MATT HANSEN // Japanese modern punk rock band will play Wonder Ballroom with South Korea's Drinking Boys And Girls Choir

Last June when a live video surfaced of Otoboke Beaver playing “I checked your cellphone,” it introduced the world to the style of their drummer, Kahokiss. Kahokiss quickly became the subject of heavy praise in musician content creator circles in the reaction videos to “I checked your cellphone.” The-Art-of-Guitar, 66Samus, and PJAlphaMusic all were awestruck at Kahokiss’ punishingly impressive blast beat in the video, calling her playing “unbelievable” or even “demonic.”

On Otoboke Beaver’s most recent album, 2022’s Super Champion, the Japanese punk rock band have a sound that falls between the quirky noise inspired rock of TsuShiMaMiRe with fits of the blistering grind of the Melt Banana albums Charlie or Teeny Shiny. The majority of tracks on Super Champion are less than 2 minutes, but have a delightful dynamic of thrashy Riot grrrl guitars and cheeky social commentary. On “Dirty old fart is waiting for my reaction” Otoboke describes the experience of being harassed by old men in Japan, and in a violent catharsis, deals revenge at those who are the focus of the song. Other tracks like “You’re no hero shut up fuck you man-whore” require far less lyrical translation to ascertain the band’s ideals.

Otoboke Beaver’s live show, although, isn’t without its fair share of eccentric humor and frivolity. Their name alone, is from a no-tell motel in Osaka, proving that the band is more than capable of taking and making jokes. Otoboke Beaver will be stopping by Wonder Ballroom next month on February 22nd, along with South Korean punk band Drinking Boys and Girls Choir.

ON TOUR: Otoboke Beaver / Drinking Boys And Girls Choir at Wonder Ballroom on Thursday, Feb. 22nd, 2024. Doors 7:00PM / (Tickets) 21+ Show

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