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Tucker Martine studio robbed. Here's what's missing.

Internationally known recording engineer/producer Tucker Martine's Flora Recording and Playback was robbed. Here's what they got if you run across any of it.


Tucker Martine writes:

Dear beloved music community of Portland and beyond. My studio was broken into last night and robbed. As you can imagine, I am devastated. I am still figuring out the entirety of what is missing but I wanted to post the start of the list ASAP in case anyone comes across these things online or in a store etc..


Neumann U67 Serial #4196 with Klaus Heyne mod #1200 
Power supply for above microphone is serial #11173

Neumann U67 Serial#1531 with Klaus Heyne mod #1196
Power supply for above microphone is serial #11322

Wunder Audio CM7-GT with M7 capsule and pelican case. Serial# 117.


Gibson J45-TV acoustic guitar Serial# 11953011. 
Gibson B25 12 string acoustic guitar serial# 515105. 
Hofner 1967 viola bass - these don’t have serial numbers. 
Jerry Jones baritone guitar - sea foam green - these don’t have serial numbers. 
Gretsch Chet Atkins signature - Serial# JT14093574. 
Silvertone brown electric guitar - These don’t have serial numbers
Fender Telecaster American Vintage Wildwood Thin Skin 1952 reissue 2016.
Gibson ES-125 - No Serial number .

Guitar Amplifiers:
Fender Deluxe Reverb blackface: Serial# A 06978. 
Peavey Classic chorus 212 amp. Serial# BA-03695777

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Strange question, but did any large packing cases get taken? Saw what looked like a large load of musical gear cases (black box style, some smaller yellow gear cases) for sale by side of road in Wenatchee.

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