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Alchemy Shed Series - Karen Lovely with Ben Rice, Lisa Mann, and Dave Meylan and then shut down by neighbor noise complaints - 05/30/2021 - Photos

By DIANE RUSSELL // Photo Gallery: Karen Lovely and Ben Rice and then the venue had to shut down the Alchemy Shed venue because of neighbor complaints. Apparently not to return.

Kris Deelane co-curator of music at the outdoor Alchermy Shed Series sent this out two days after OMN's Diane Russell shot this photo gallery.

She said: 

It is with a heavy heart we must announce that we have been forced to close the Alchemy Shed Series project. We have learned that, despite our outreach, we simply do not have the support of our further away neighbors, and no way to fully control the types of sounds that reach them.

The performers and Alchemy Shed deeply appreciate and thank you for your support for the great shows we were able to hold here. It was you who made that possible and each show was a hopeful and joyful event for us. 

We're still waiting for info about possible refunds. If you are currently holding tickets for a show and would like a refund, please write back and let us know how many tickets you'd like refunded and for which shows. Any ticket monies you don't wish to have refunded will be donated towards covering costs incurred that we will no longer be able to recoup. 

We will seek a new space to hold shows and contact you if we succeed. We remain committed to providing  a good-paying gig for our musicians while there are still such deep restrictions on venue attendance affecting us all, and sending reparations to our unfairly impacted communities via donations to social justice organizations. 

Should you know of a space you think we could work with, please let us know. We will need something more rural, with less neighbors and some way to lock up the PA gear and canopies when not in use. And some access to power.

Thank you again. 

In solidarity,

Kris Deelane and Jenny Thomas @ Alchemy Shed Series

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Alchemy Shed Series - Karen Lovely with Ben Rice, Lisa Mann, and Dave Meylan - 05/30/2021 - Photos

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