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Lady A at the Waterfront Blues Festival / OMN photo
Lady A at the Waterfront Blues Festival / OMN photo

Lady A: The singer not the group. Her story. / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #254

By TOM D'ANTONI // Blues/Soul singer Lady A has been calling herself that for decades. Recently Lady Antebellum got suddenly woke and changed their name to hers. Singer Lady A talks about the battle for the use of her name.

We are back to the Skype machine this week but we’ll be back at Artichoke Music next week with a conversation with Tony Ozier.

Right now we’re going to talk with Lady A. Not the band that used to call themselves lady Antebellum, but the Soul and Blues singer from Seattle who has been calling herself Lady A for decades, has made many appearances in Portland including many times at the Waterfront Blues Festival..

I’m sure you’ve heard about the dustup between them. Lady A will be filling in all the details along with her producer John Oliver (a non-British John Oliver).

Lady Antebellum changed the name of their band after the massive anti-racist demonstrations after the murder of George Floyd. Antebellum being the period of time before the Civil War, when slavery was legal.

You’ll have to ask them why they chose a name that celebrates that period of time.

What happened when Lady A, the singer found out that Lady Antebellum decided to call themselves Lady A?

Let’s find out.

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danielle charney

Enough of this stealing from other musicans- shame on you Lady Antebellum -

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