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Jillian Rae - Buried Alive : OMN Featured video (for Halloween)

"Buried Alive" is the 8th track off of Jillian Rae's 2019 full length release, I can't be the one you want me to be.

Quote from Jillian "Buried Alive is basically the product of what happens when my bottled up stress, empathy, and anxiety exploded... all over my voice memos in a 4aminsomnia-based writing session. This whole record has underlying themes of dealing with anxiety, mental health issues, staying sane, the quest of finding balance, and ultimately learning how to love and accept ones self. This music video is 100% inspired by and pays homage to Rob Zombie's "Dragula," directed by Rob Zombie & Scott Humphrey. Jillian is a huge fan and has been dreaming of creating this video remake for ages. *We hope you like it, Mr. Zombie."

Buried Alive is the 8th track off of Jillian Rae's 2019 full length release, " I can't be the one you want me to be." (Available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and everywhere else music can be downloaded and streamed.)
Producer/Director: Jillian Rae & Joe Alaspa
Videographer: Joe Alaspa
With appearances by Eric Martin, Jimmy Osterholt, Josh Kaplan, & Christian Wheeler.
Special Thanks to: Joe Alaspa, the fine folks at Essential Sessions, Lydia Liza, & Rob Zombie

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