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Gary Furlow: The Wizard behind OMN's video episodes Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #321

By TOM D'ANTONI // Gary Furlow is why OMN's video episodes look and sound so good. He's an old pro's pro. He and I talk shop and swap TV stories.

Regular listeners to this podcast know that every once in a while we let you meet an OMN person who helps bring you our content.

Today, Gary Furlow is in the Café. He’s not an OMN staffer, he works here at Artichoke Music but has worked with us on several projects, including the video episodes of Coffeeshop Conversations on which he did everything technical, recording, editing, lighting, mixing…like I said, everything.

He’s a pro’s pro, having worked throughout the country for networks and local stations as well as a whole lot of other stuff.

Plus, he’s a musician himslself.

It’s been great fun working with Gary since much of my career has been in TV like him.

Meet Gary Furlow

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