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Photo by Bob Howard
Photo by Bob Howard

New PDX Jazz Executive Director Chris Doss on ALL of the performers in the 2020 PDX Jazz Festival / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #221

By TOM D'ANTONI // Chris Doss is the new Executive Director at PDX Jazz. He's here to tell you about every performer in the 2020 Portland Jazz Festival which runs from February 19 to March 1.

We first ran this in November, as we usually do, in order to give Jazz fans time to digest who's who and how much is what. The Portland Jazz Festival begins this week. Here's the only rundown of (nearly) all of the performers

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Welcome back to the Artichoke Café at Artichoke Music 2007 SE Powell Boulevard for the two hundred and twenty-first episode of OMN’s Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music.

I know we’re a couple of months away from the 2020 Portland Jazz Festival, but there’s been a change at the top at PDX Jazz. As we reported in May, Don Lucoff has parted ways.

Replacing him as Executive Director is Chris Doss who is with me today with the grueling task of telling us about all of the performers in the 2020 festival which runs from Wednesday, February 19 through Sunday, March 1.

He’s here now because tickets are on sale and you probably need time to make plans and get them. It’s also a really good chance to meet Chris.


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