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Don Lucoff
Don Lucoff

Don Lucoff, PDX Jazz (Portland Jazz Festival) part ways after 10 years

PDX Jazz announced today that Don Lucoff is leaving the festival as Artistic Director

The following email went out late this afternoon (May 2, 2019) from Chris Doss, Executive Director of PDX Jazz/PDX Jazz Festival. How it impacts the 2020 festival is TBA. Generally, planning for next year's festival is well underway by now.

Apparently this has been in the works for some time. It remains to be seen what the upshot of today's announcement will be. Here's Doss' email:

After a successful 10-year partnership with PDX Jazz, Don Lucoff of DL Media has transitioned to an Artistic Advisor role with the organization. DL Media is opening new offices in Denver where Lucoff will be primarily residing and focusing on new projects. Lucoff’s more than 30 years in the music business, with involvement in many national and international events, were further honed during his tenure at PDX Jazz.

Under Lucoff’s artistic direction, the annual festival was transformed from a downtown-centric event to a city-wide festival. The organization added curated year-round programming growing its offerings to more than 40 shows annually.

“PDX Jazz and the Portland Jazz Festival allowed me to call upon my wealth of experiences and relationships across all sectors of the music business. I’m proud of all the things that were accomplished that have made the PDX Jazz Festival one of the foremost U.S. Jazz festivals,” Lucoff said.

Chris Doss, PDX Jazz Executive Director notes that “Don has made significant and lasting contributions to the jazz community of Portland. It is a pleasure working with Don and I am honored to have him as a friend.”

Lucoff’s body of work in Portland will be celebrated by a special presentation of the Jazz Journalists Association 2019 ‘Jazz Hero’ award on the evening of May 6, 2019 during the Kendrick Scott Oracle show at the Jack London Revue.

A national search for a new Artistic Director is forthcoming.

Chris Doss - Executive Director, PDX Jazz - PDX Jazz Festival

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Lisa Brandon Boyle

I’m am very happy for Mr. Lucoff, but sad for Portland!
As a 20 year long veteran of Jimmy Maks, along with my business partner JD Stubenberg, under the tutelage of or beloved leader Jim Makarounis, Don Lucoff will be sorowly missed by many Portlanders.
Don took a lackluster jazz festival in Portland Oregon, to a full blown Jazz Community, much of which we had seen falling by the wayside, prior to his commitment.
I am grateful to have worked with Don, as he is a quintessential leader, and a truly committed person to his passion for jazz!
Many thanks to the local jazz community for embracing Mr. Lucoff, and his tireless efforts to continue, and refresh our love for jazz.
Best of luck my friend..... you always have a home at Jimmy Mak’s.
Most Sincerely
Lisa Brandon Boyle


This is not a change for the better;
mysterious, ominous, and foreboding.
Mr. Doss' e-mail was not sent to PDX Jazz members -
at least not this member.

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