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DJDOUGGPOUND at Polaris Hall, Oct. 23rd / Preview

 By MATT HANSEN // Comedian known for work with Tim and Eric spins his own brand of musical caricature

When you attach the word 'joke' to any other word in the English language, it's intended to make the thing preceding entirely unserious or lacking of merit. But a rare thing happens when you pair 'joke' with the word ‘band.’

“Joke band” signifies a pocket genre of music where musicians can go off script and maybe get a little silly. And so, who better to occupy this nuanced realm of art than DJ  DOUGGPOUND, a.k.a. Doug Lussenhop? Moreover, his satirizing of EDM bro culture is a more than a worthy target, like when he lets his fader flip to a hook of Creed's “Higher” for the punchline.

In essence, Lussenhop presents a way to laugh at something a majority of listeners would find irritating. But if you’ve caught any of his editing work on “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” or “The Eric Andre Show,” you know that his absurdist glitchy comedy has a way of staying burned in your brain forever. Avant-garde performance artist or hyper maestro of annoyance? We're none the wiser for succumbing to it, since now Lussenhop has stepped out of the shadow of “Tim and Eric” and donned his own “snobby” joke DJ character.

When not performing live, Lussenhop's musical output in the form of mixtapes are well-curated jaunts through his varied taste; everything from electro R&B to the chiptune sounds of NYC band, Anamanaguchi. So when he does let rip a track of original material, comical bravado and euro dance is nowhere to be found. Underneath the persona is an artist who has spent over a decade producing music for television, and it's easy to see why his unconventional production style has spawned countless imitators.

Along with Lussenhop is standup comedian Brent Weinbach, whose deadpan delivery will offset the sonic juvenility of DJ DOUGGPOUND. But don’t bet on Weinbach as entirely unmusical; his last set in Portland at Mississippi Studios had him doing impressions of a certain controversial pop star that featured tasteful and inventive crowd work. Also performing will be local comedian and musician Jay Shingle.

 8PM, $20, Tickets


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