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Davell Crawford: The Piano Prince of New Orleans / audio

By TOM D'ANTONI// Happy Mari Gras from OMN. Meet Davell Crawford the grandson of the man who wrote Jock-a-Mo (AKA Iko Iko). He is known as the piano prince of New Orleans. It's a Mardi Gras Day lagniapppe.

I did this interview for another projet just before fhe world shut down in March of 2020 This is how OMN throws beads at you in lieu of having a real Mardi Gras Day -- TD.

They’ve called Davell Crawford the “Piano Prince of New Orleans.” He has had long and diverse career playing all kinds of music, New Orleans R&B, Gospel, Rock n Roll, Blues, and Jazz but he was trained as a classical musician too.

His grandfather, James “Sugar Boy” Crawford wrote and recorded “Jock-a-Mo” which you know as “Iko Iko” for Chess records in 1954.
And when he was young he hung out with Fats Domino.

He never moved back to New Orleans after the flood but New Orleans never left his soul.

No longer a prodigy but now a musician with a long string of great albums who tours the world, he’s now in New York which is where I called him on a day when the whole world seemed to be self-quarantined. That would be Monday, March 16, 2020.
Meet Davell Crawford



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