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Lynn Darroch has a new piece and a new slot for his radio show.

 A new piece written and spoken by Lynn Darroch with music by Jonothan Swanson...and a new slot for Lynn's KMHD show.

Music journalist, writer and radio show host Lynn Darroch has a new piece he's written entitiled Homeless 2021.

Let's say this musical story is set 20 minutes in the future and represents one possible direction that current conditions could take us.
Story/Narration -- Lynn Darroch
Composition/Music -- Jonathan Swanson

And by the way, his KMHD show  "The Bright Moments Cafe" has moved to Tuesdays, 7:00-9:00 pm, where, he says, "You’ll find the same captivating mix of interviews, stories, and plenty of recorded music exploring local routes with a global reach." 

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Hector Roche

Love this show.

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