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Mural by Alex Chiu, Photo by Adolfo Cantu Villarreal
Mural by Alex Chiu, Photo by Adolfo Cantu Villarreal

Darrell Grant: A new composition and a new music video for our time. / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #256

By TOM D'ANTONI // Darrell Grant, composer, pianist and teacher has a new composition, "Take Flight," which he says, "offers hope, solace, and inspiration to forge a new way forward." Hear him talk about it and watch it here, too.

After a visit to Falcon Recording Studio last time, we’re back at the Café at Artichoke Music for episode two-hundred and fifty-six in the endless podcast series Coffeeshop Conversations.

With me is Darrell Grant composer, pianist, teacher and central to Jazz music in Oregon for decades. He’s the Associate Director of the School of Music at Portland State University which has fueled the development of our homegrown Jazz musicians.

But he’s here today to talk about a new piece of music called Take Flight which is also now a music video..

Let’s here all about it from Darrell Grant.


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