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Chris Doss PDX Jazz ED on every performance in the 2021 Portland Jazz Festival / Cofffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music 273

By TOM D'ANTONI // PDX Jazz Executive Director tell us about all the music in the 2021 Portland Jazz Festival February 17-27. Listen to him run down the whole festival. All the guide you'll ever need.

We first ran this in December. One thing we were right about is that there IS a Portland Jazz Festival and it's happening now! 

Given the givens looking forward to 2021 is a happy activity.

One thing we can count on in 2021 is that there will be a Portland Jazz Festival February 18-27.

And as we always do, the executive director is here to tell us about all the performers, how they will perform and how PDX Jazz has been plowing through the muck of the past year.

Chris Doss came on for 2020’s festival in his first year on the job, and he’s in Café Artichoke with me to run down everything you’ll hear and see in 2021 from top to bottom.


Believe me, it’s a pleasure to actually talk about music and musicians and festivals again.

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