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Bruce Fife: Coffeeshop Conversations #180 - What does the Musicians Union do?

By TOM D'ANTONI // Did you know there is a Musicians Union? Any idea what it does? Find out from Local 99 President Bruce Fife.

Welcome to another one of our weekly Coffeeshop Conversations.

We don’t usually deal with the business part of show business because…well, unless you’re a working musician it can be boring.

But I wonder if you knew that there is a chapter of the American Federation of Musicians in Portland known at The Musicians Union Local 99?

Not only is there one, but it has a head honcho, Bruce Fife, who is here with me today.

There’s a lot that goes on that we don’t know and possibly don’t want to know, but Bruce is going to give us a non-boring glimpse into that end of de bizzinezz.

What does a Musicians union do? How has their role changed with the changes in culture and technology.

Let’s meet Bruce Fife.

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