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Bruce Dickinson Spoken Word Tour / Photos and review / March 4, 2022 at Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall

By ALISON WEBSTER // Iron Maiden's Dickinson called his Schnitzer appearance, MATE! You Ate My Piss! He explained why.

Bruce MF Dickinson! What an extra, extraordinary person he is.

Most people know him for being the larger than life vocalist of one of the most successful bands in the world, Iron Maiden. But Mr. Dickinson is more than that. He is an aviation pilot and entrepreneur, Olympic fencer, comedian, world traveler, cancer survivor, beer brewer, author, motivational speaker, story teller and more.

Bruce playfully narrates his life story with an animated, comedic sense. Sharing stories of growing up with his grandparents raising him, going to boarding school, where he discovered his first ‘heavy metal’ album, Shades Of Deep Purple. Playing in his first band, Samson, forming Iron Maiden and surviving throat cancer.

Mr. Dickinson is also a ‘fashion designer’ for his Iron Maiden stage clothing, for which he made fun of himself. He had passed by a shopping window, and some black shoes caught his eye for stage wear, which he bought & proudly wore on stage while belting out heavy hits like ‘Run To The Hills’, ‘The Number Of The Beast’, ‘Aces High’ & ‘The Trooper’.

He did not realize that they were Michael Jackson Brand Sneakers.

Bruce’s story of while he was in boarding school had the audience rolling with laughter in their seats. He was the class clown, urinating in the headmaster's dinner. Later on, the headmaster confronted him about it. Young Bruce replied, yelling, “MATE! You Ate My Piss!” Which then got him expelled.

Bruce described his tale of meeting the Queen of England. While waiting for her to arrive, he was standing next to Roger Daltry (lead singer from The Who), and was worried about farting in front of Her Majesty!

There was an intermission for 20 minutes. The last part of the show, Bruce answered questions that were submitted by the audience before the start of his show.

This was a unique event. It delighted all of the Iron Maiden fans.

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