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Ticket Tomato's Amy Maxwell: The future of concerts / Coffeeshop Conversations at Artichoke Music # 270

By TOM D'ANTONI // If there are no concerts, there are no tickets to concerts to sell. Ticket Tomato's Amy Maxwell gets us up to date on the future of her company and concerts in general.

Happy to be back with you again in the Artichoke Music Café.

And after several years, Amy Maxwell is back on the podcast. She runs Ticket Tomato, the Oregon-based concert and venue ticketing company, trying to keep their head above water, like the rest of us.

What does the present look like? And what does the future hold?

The first part we know, but the second is speculation, at best an educated guess.

Amy is an expert aand that’s why she’s here.

She also has a fun new company we’ll be finding out about. She’s wearing one of her items in the picture.

Here’s Amy Maxwell

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