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Worth talks to Inessa: All about his new album, "Pardon Me" - AUDIO

By INESSA // Armchair philosophy with a glass of Worth at Robin Road. Worth sings live!

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When Christopher Worth comes knocking at my door, I am obliged to open it wide. Mostly because I know from experience, that our conversation will go everywhere! To the familiar places that get mixed up with new perspectives. And into new places that ring so true, and make an ancient and deep sort of sense. My favorite kind of time spent. Dig in with us.

“WORTH” is the name of Christopher Worth’s musical project. After some four years of working off and on through two albums, Autumn now signals the arrival of a third release, Pardon Me. It’s the final piece in a trilogy titled “The (id)Entity” Triptych” that began with ‘Six Foot Soul’ and ‘Two.’ --

This is the culmination of nearly 10 years of writing/recording/performing and marks the penultimate step in the completion of this trilogy that came to me in a dream so long ago.

The album release show is Wednesday, November 22 at Doug Fir Lounge with Moorea Masa & the Mood, Fox & Bones.

As Teri Briggs and I settled in with Christopher, to catch up earlier this fall, the conversation fell to deliberately unlocking “feeling.” Be it sadness, pain, or even joy. And using that at the service of carving up or unpacking lyrics and melody and music.

It made all the more sense since as it happened, we sat down for our conversation on Leonard Cohen‘s birthday. Cohen happens to be the master of that very thing. “Duende” as it is also known.  Unpacking that “nitty gritty box delivered with a messy inspiration”, (muddy even), as Christopher describes his own process.

Christopher’s advice to indie musicians (and I take that to heart in any matters of creativity), is to “Go inside.” And to “remember why we’re doing this.” The three songs we hear at the end of our conversation include “Glory” from the new album and two completely new songs Christopher offered up. “Hang On” and “Follow It Down.” Dig in.

Here’s a bit of that “armchair philosophy with a glass of whiskey” we hear Christopher speak to.

..and a video variation on the same song.


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