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Andrew Paul Woodworth - "Camera"

The second single off of Andrew Paul Woodworth's fourth solo album, Drinks To Sleep.

Andrew Paul Woodworth said on his Facebook page:

I have been asked if this is a “coming out” video.

My answer is yes.

But I am not a coming out as gay or as transgender or as transsexual or as bisexual.

It is a coming out video.

It is about coming out as flawed as scared as insecure.

It is about coming out as vulnerable and as unsure.

It is about coming out as uncomfortable.

It is also about coming out as bold and as unapologetic and as uninhibited and as brazen.

I am coming out as these things so that I might come away with more understanding and more compassion and more enlightenment.

Like you, I am not one thing.

Thank you to my director Jon Danovic.

Thank you to Patrick Day for the use of his beautiful theater.

Thank you to Stacey Hummell for her intense make up and wardrobe artistry.


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