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Photo by Bruce Feely
Photo by Bruce Feely

Andrew Paul Woodworth: Coffeeshop Conversations #146 Hurricane APW hits the Coffeeshop

By TOM D'ANTONI // Andrew Paul Woodworth pays another visit to the Coffeeshop, new album and upcoming release gig in hand.

Sitting in World Cup Coffee and Tea at NW 18th and Glisan for OMN Coffeeshop Conversation number one-hundred forty-six.

Buckle-up friends because Andrew Paul Woodworth, all three of them, is paying us another visit.

He has a new album called Drinks To Sleep but I would have wanted him back even if he didn’t. His last visit was in February of 2015 but it was one of the most memorable…just seems to be that way when we sit down to talk.

The album release gig is May 4 at Secret Society. I’ve got some questions about this album, mister!

He’s a composer, singer, guitarist, actor, teacher and although I have no proof of his behavior outside of this room, a wild man…if only in his mind.

A singular personality, this guy.

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