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Photo by Greg Gorman
Photo by Greg Gorman

John Waters talks about his 2019 Christmas show / audio

By TOM D'ANTONI // John Waters one-man Christmas 2019 "Filthier and Merrier" will be at the Aladdin Theater on Friday, December 6, 2019. He talks about it and a lot more.

I guess we’re in the holidays by now. That’s what advertising tells us, anyway. Another holiday benchmark is the annual visit to Portland by John Waters. This year his one-man show is called “John Waters: Filthier and Merrier.”

They also add, “It’ll stuff your turkey.”

He’ll be at the Aladdin Theater on Friday, December 6 where, we are told he will answer the following questions, “Are stolen Christmas presents more special than bought ones?”, “Is Mrs. Clause a ‘feeder’ or a ‘chubby chaser’?”, “Is Santa a ‘gainer’, an erotic ‘bear’ or a ‘silver fox’?”, “Can you have Christmas sex inside a chimney?”, and “Are the reindeers paid minimum wage?”

Once again, I talked with John about this year’s show. John and I are contemporaries, around the same age and both born and raised in Baltimore Maryland.

I am proud to say (and have bragged and name-dropped about for years) that I wrote the first review of “Pink Flamingos,” and was blessed by being asked to be in the legendary, “Who wants to die for art?” scene in “Female Trouble.”

I was there when Divine bounced on that trampoline, waving a gun. Divine did not shoot me, I’m sorry to say.

John is still one of the funniest people on earth. When I talked with him a couple of weeks ago, over a very rough phone line, he was at the end of a full day of fifteen-minute interviews.

When I talk with John for one of these things, we tend to stray off topic and talk about Baltimore things.

So shoot me.

I apologize for not having perfect audio, but we couldn’t skype it. I’ll jump right in.



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