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Inessa talks with Jonathan Warren & The Billygoats / Audio

By INESSA // Love, Loss, Redemption, Hope

Meet the boys from Boise. Singular sounds of guitar, banjo, and cello meet and wash through the lens of Jonathan Warren. Each member of the trio brings significant ideas and artistry to the mix and the result is a celebration of ideas, both dark and reflective, joyous and timeless.

It’s all in there, the beauty that can hide beneath the pain, hope that is uncovered within the struggle and the light that shows the path through darkness. The new album from The Billygoats manages to bring all those contrasts under the one roof of  Cletus.

Any time we get to know somebody new in our circle, in this case a trio that makes up The Billygoats, lots of mysteries to uncover, question to be asked, sought out, explained. The dark spaces along with the light, laughter, and silly.  And if we are lucky, lots fun and chill times may ensue. All the above, in the case of this Robin Road visit by Jonathan, Stever, and David.

Our conversation, below, includes a song caught live and a track off Cletus the band describes as their favorite on the new record.  We caught some live video moments as well that offer some really good insight into the trio’s style. Check those out along with the official band video for “Stayed Too Long”. As you will see, Billygoats like to play in the darkness.

Video Outtakes

 “Stayed Too Long”

So nice, done twice. This is “Decision”, The Billygoats’ favorite track on the new album.


Jonathan Warren

Jonathan Warren and The Billy Goats

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