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David Vest: 2 new Blues albums, both very different / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #310

By TOM D'ANTONI // Oregon favorite turned Canadian, Bluesman David Vest has two new albums, both live, all Blues but very different. Find out how and hear a version of Mystery Train that'll surprise you.

Our guest today used to be a fixture in the music scene in Oregon…then he got married and moved to Victoria…that’s in Canada. Or maybe he moved first. I dunno. But whatever, that’s where David Vest lives now.

And he’s won all kinds of national awards there.

He is releasing his first recordings in three years. Two CDs, both live but very different from each other.

One, recorded at a festival in Calgary and the other in a small club in Victoria. The festival is full of our favorite David Vest tunes, raucous boogie-woogie.

The other is very subtle. I don’t think there’s a name for it yet The songs are familiar Blues tunes but the arrangements and the attitudes are…well it’s almost Chamber Blues.

Mr. Vest will tell it best.

And we’ll hear a tune from the club at the end.

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