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Grey DeLisle // Photo by Per Grandin
Grey DeLisle // Photo by Per Grandin

A "Valentine" Song for Valentine's Day

By ANA AMMANN // Multi-talented singer/songwriter, actor, autoharpist, and comedian Grey DeLisle, together with ex-husband Murry Hammond (Old 97’s), remind us that love can survive divorce as she releases a cover of Hammond’s song “Valentine” in time for Valentine’s Day.

"You know you’re a truly dear person when you can get your ex-wife to cover one of your love songs without even asking. That’s how wonderful Murry Hammond is as a songwriter and a human being,” said DeLisle about covering her ex-husband’s song “Valentine”.

Grey DeLisle, whose voice many of you will have heard without realizing, is known as the most prolific voice actress in animation history, having performed over 1500 cartoon voices. Her most iconic roles include ‘Vicky’ from “The Fairly OddParents,” ‘Samantha "Sam" Manson’ from “Danny Phantom,” ‘Yumi Yoshimura’ from “Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi,” and ‘Azula’ from “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” ‘She has also been the voice of ‘Daphne Blake’ in “Scooby-Doo” cartoons since 2000.

As if that weren’t enough, this powerhouse is also a stand-up comedian with her own comedy special, a Grammy award winning singer-songwriter, and doting single mother of three. Her albums, The Graceful Ghost and Iron Flowers (released on Sugar Hill/Vanguard Records), received critical acclaim. She is now preparing the release of an album of cover songs for Regional Records called Borrowed.

DeLisle resides in Los Angeles, but has a home in Sisters, Oregon.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, DeLisle has released the first single from Borrowed, a cover of the song “Valentine” written by her ex-husband, Murry Hammond, founding member of the legendary alt-country band, Old 97’s. The pair were married between 2002 and 2010, and while they may no longer be a couple, it’s beautiful that they still collaborate on music together.

Watch: “Valentine” performed by Grey DeLisle and Murry Hammond

DeLisle tells us:

“‘Valentine” was released on the Old 97’s record, Fight Songs, just before he and I began dating. I remember blasting that song on my car stereo and pulling up at a stoplight next to a car with an Old 97’s sticker on it. Both of our windows were rolled down and the driver immediately noticed what I was playing. I called out to him smugly, “My boyfriend is the bass player!” and he responded, “Really? I’m their A&R guy!” I was mortified because we weren’t even really an official item yet! I was terrified it would get back to Murry... but he thought it was hilarious.”

“The point of this story is that even though it’s been over 20 years, an engagement, marriage, child, and a divorce later... I’m still just as proud of this song and its songwriter as I ever was. I guess that’s what love is all about.”

"Valentine," features strings arranged and conducted by Eric Gorfain (Radiohead, Coldplay) and recorded at a studio in Los Angeles that happened to be called Valentine. The track was produced by Marvin Etzioni (Lone Justice, Counting Crows), mixed in Nashville by Mike Poole (Robert Plant/Alison Krauss), and mastered in London by Grammy-winning mastering engineer, Sean Magee, known for his work with The Beatles.

With Valentine’s Day upon us, I asked DeLisle if she’d tell us a story about a memorable Valentine’s Day from her past. Here is what she shared: “One time, I did one of those fundraisers where we sold candy bars to help raise money for our Valentine’s Day dance in Jr. High, but they were SO GOOD, I ate the entire box in 8 days and my grandma ended up owing the school 50 bucks. It took me 10 months to pay her back.”

So, fellas, if you’re wondering what to get Ms. DeLisle for Valentine’s Day, skip the flowers, sounds like your best bet is going to be chocolate.

Stream Grey DeLisle’s “Valentine” (written by Murry Hammond) on your favorite digital platform.


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