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Uffie DJ Set, Nov. 30th at Holocene - Preview

 By MATT HANSEN // Singer known for early viral hit "Pop the Glock" will open for Detroit duo Snow Strippers

The year was 2006, the single “Pop the Glock” is released on Ed Banger Records which catapults Uffie (Anna-Catherine Hartley) to electro stardom with unabashed rap attitude and hipster bad girl antics. Uffie’s accent may suggest she’s British, but her voice on the B-side “Ready to Uff” would insist otherwise, her origins being hard to pin down but undeniably international.

Uffie has undergone several transformations since Ed Banger Records released her debut album Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans, which did reasonably well considering that Uffie admits on the album “I never claimed to be an artist. I can’t even sing…” And despite that admission, Uffie is still creating in the worlds of music and fashion with an aesthetic highly relevant to Gen Z. Her viral rise in popularity through Myspace was like a cultural fabric of auto-tune and bedroom production that would lead the way for future SoundCloud stars.

Uffie’s persona as well built the foundation for mainstream artists like Ke$ha or Charli XCX. And now as a DJ, her taste in tracks will expose us to her influences and inspirations now later in her songwriting career, with her status as an artist now unlocked. Uffie will be performing a DJ set at Holocene on Thursday November 30th. If you need any more evidence of Uffie’s common thread with the music of today though, look no further than the headliner of the bill, Detroit duo, Snow Strippers.

Like Uffie, Tati of Snow Strippers has no previous experience making music before starting Snow Strippers, also like Uffie, Tati has been featured toting a glock in the band’s imagery. In the video for “It’s a dream” Tati dances with glocks, and even smokes out of a gun pipe in the video for the track “Again.” This should be your Thursday night plan if you want your electronic music with a pinch of boho and a dash of trashy.

ON TOUR: Snow Strippers / Club Eat / Uffie (DJ set) at Holocene on Thursday, Nov. 30th, 2023. Doors 9:00PM / (Tickets) 21+ Show

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