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Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Trans-Siberian Orchestra at the Moda Center on 12/30/16 - photos


The holiday season would not be complete without a Trans-Siberian Orchestra show coming to town. Their current North American tour supports its “The Ghosts of Christmas Eve” and will take them to 61 cities and in turn play 105 shows. Their concert tours have become holiday staples and Portland for one loves them dearly.

The music of Trans Siberia Orchestra was the brain child of Paul O'Neill (musician, writer, producer) and is a well-crafted mix of classical music and rock n roll. When you combine their progressive rock opera with one of the slickest stage shows around, you get one of the best tours of the year. Trans-Siberian Orchestra massive stage makes the arena feel more like a theater. In their musical theater, a holiday story is told backed by their electrifying music and stunning stage visuals. This band has incorporated the best concert dynamics with things like stage lighting, special effects and still continues to push even their own limits.

With the music, Trans-Siberian Orchestra features an impressive cast of musicians led by its musical director, Al Pitrelli on guitar (formerly of the band, Savatage. Their live show truly delivers in sight and sound as these Wizards of Winter take you on an amazing musical journey. If you have never seen the show, it's a must. Make the plans early because these tickets sell quick.

With the Portland performance, the band did two shows (3pm and 8pm) back to back. How many acts can fill an arena and then refill it the same day? With their huge success as one of music’s top sellers, Trans-Siberian still has a lot of heart. They give back charity wise and have donated over millions in their time. With the Portland performances, a portion of ticket sales went to the Community Transitional School donating $17,269. Trans-Siberian Orchestra are truly about giving. They give back during the holidays to those in need and they give their fans one hell of a live show.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

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