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Tony Starlight's 25th Anniversary: Coffeeshop Coversation #160 / How a star was born

By TOM D'ANTONI // He's been Tony Starlight for 25 years and he's having a big anniversary show at Alberta Rose Theatre on Saturday, September 22.

From the air conditioned cupping room at World Cup Coffee and Tea, NW 18th & Glisan in smoky Portland this is OMN Coffeeshop Conversation number 160.

Coming up next month is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the birth of Tony Starlight. He was already alive and grown at that time, but his career as Tony the crooner, entertainer, nostalgia boy, club owner and one funny guy began in 1993…and I will let him tell you how because he’s sitting next to me.

And he just took off his Portland Mavericks hat. Not dressed to perform at the moment but we’ll get into how he chooses his outfits later.

His anniversary show will be Saturday, September 22 at the Alberta Rose Theater and it will be something special…and he’s going to tell you all about it and a lot of other things about himself that you might have never known.

And now ladies and gentlemen……….

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