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Tina Granzo on collaborating with Ryan Meagher on AftEarth: Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #389

By TOM D'ANTONI // Tina Granzo did the drawings which accompany Ryan Meagher's music on their evocative AftEarth project. How does that work? How did one affect the other?

A couple of weeks ago composer/guitarist Ryan Meagher was here to talk about his latest recording, AftEarth a collaboration with artist Tina Granzo. If you heard it you realize that it had a profound impact on me.

It is such a close collaboration that I felt we had to hear from the other half of the creators.

So with me in the Café at Artichoke Music is Tina Granzo who’s drawings along with Ryan’s music have made this such an evocative work.

Whether you think it’s about climate change or a document evoking those years we were quarantined, it is a remarkable work.

So closing the circle, meet Tina Granzo.


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