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Through the Eyes of a Child: The Hu

By MIKE LEWIS // Things can be difficult when you are just starting out in the world of photography, and they can even be more difficult when you are only ten years old. 

Things can be difficult when you are just starting out in the world of photography, and they can even be more difficult when you are only ten years old. Sydney has now been to several shows with me, and she’s been trying her best to keep up with the other photographers in the photo pit as well as improve her skills. I’ve kept her in auto mode thus far to just let her get a feel of how things work but more and more, she’s becoming disappointed with the result. I’ve tried to assure her that every photographer I know can show some of their earlier work and you can see that in comparison, they just weren’t nearly as good then as they might be now. But again, when you are ten, you apparently just want everything to go perfectly.

Sydney first heard The Hu a few years back and was immediately won over by them. The Mongolian group has taken traditional instruments and created something quite unique and special. This has been winning them more and more fans and creates an audience that often tends to obscure the lines. Their music seems to have reached beyond what could have been expect. Fans of heavy metal will be in attendance just as easily as those who might be more interested in traditional rock. The Hu’s music, stag4e presence, and creativity though is certainly something to behold in a live setting.

I had the opportunity to photograph them a few years ago alongside Japanese kawaii-metal originators BABYMETAL and I knew that the return tour which found The Hu headlining was going to be something that Sydney absolutely enjoyed. This was another of those photo pit moments where I glanced over and noticed that she had a rather big smile on her face. It wasn’t simply the fact of getting photos up close, but she truly was enjoying what the band brought to their performance.

As I tried to point out to her in the accompanying video, their lighting wasn’t necessarily the best. The show was a little dark but also, I really shot quite low on the ISO end of things. Prior to COVID, I had really grown accustomed to having my photography journey land me in places like the Moda Center, Veteran’s Memorial, or Sunlight Supply where the lighting is almost always expected to be outstanding and easy to work with. The smaller venues at times can present a challenge and this was certainly one of those moments.

Even I was a little disappointed with what I walked away with, but the reality is, it happens. I’m trying to get Sydney to understand that it’s okay to be discouraged. It’s not really a huge issue to have photos that aren’t the best of the bunch. In time, as she grows more comfortable with her abilities, things will change, she will improve, and she’ll be happier with what she’s able to capture. This time may have not quite been what she was hoping for but with any luck she will end up alongside me about in the fall when The Hu once again makes their way to the United States. Until then, she’ll just keep practicing.


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