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The Band Perry: Revolution Hall 2-20-2016

By BRENT ANGELO // They brought their modern day country sounds to Revolution Hall . The show was billed as the Concert For Kids in support of the Children's Cancer Association (CCA) //  All photos and text by Brent Angelo

Country music has really changed and evolved over the years. Country now leans more to pop music with touches of even rock music, but the country roots are still there in the songs. One band, who has had success with this modern day country style is The Band Perry. The band consists of Kimberly Perry (lead vocals and guitar) , Neil Perry (mandolin and backing vocals) and Reid Perry (bass and backing vocals).

This family band first hit big with the song "If I Die Young" going to #1 on the Billboard country charts (from their self titled debut). They continued their success with their follow up cd release, Pioneer, which included the #1 hits "Better Dig Two" and "Done". While the Band Perry's third cd is in the works, they have released their newest single, "Live Forever" from that up coming cd. The Band Perry hit the road and brought their modern day country sounds to Portland playing Revolution Hall this weekend. The show was billed as the Concert For Kids in support of the Children's Cancer Association (CCA) with proceeds benefiting the CCA. With the popularity of the group and for its great cause, the show was a quick sell out.

At the show's start, Kimberley let the audience know this would be a special show for its fans. The show leaned to a Storytellers type show including stories and behind the scenes of the group and its songs. "You Lie" opened the show and when the band started "If I Die Young", the audience followed along nicely with a strong sing along. The band joked about the song first going #1 in Malaysia, but having no idea where it was. The Band Perry then showcased its diverse sounds doing a mix of the Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams" and Justin Timberlake's "Bring Sexy Back". The band passed out cards for fans to ask questions and the band made time to answer those onstage.

Questions about what was your most embarrassing stage moment for example brought big laughs and it was easy to see these three are brothers and sister. As the band entered the storytelling on Pioneer, hits like "Better Dig Two" and "Done" got the crowd going. Kimberley began to talk about "Don't Let Me Be Lonely", but oddly said they were not going to do it. The crowd quickly followed with sounds to hopefully change her mind and get the band to play it. The band went into a version of Queen's "Fat Bottom Girls (sung by Neil), which even though may have been fun live was not the right choice at the time. "Don't Let Me Be Lonely" is a great example of Kimberley's singing talent and the song really shows her passion in their songs. This shining example of her talent and in that moment the band really missed an opportunity to let her really shine live.

The shows closing songs would be a special treat to its fans. The last four songs were all new songs getting with some getting their first live appearances. The first new song, "Stay in the Dark" had big pop vocals. It was catchy. "Best One Yet" brought sounds of hip hop and funk. "In it Together" was big in vocals as well. The Band Perry closed with their current single "Live forever" These new songs showed the band continues to grow as artists and they look to dominate not only the country charts, but pop ones as well. The show as a whole was a good time and for a great cause.

Haley Reinhart opened the show. She rose to fame when she became a finalist on American Idol on its Season 10. Her soulful, jazz style made for a nice opening act performance. Her stripped down performance along with her keyboard player made her voice really stand out.


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