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Terry Currier: Coffeeshop Conversations #139 A Music Millennium anniversary but mostly two guys talking about music.

By TOM D'ANTONI // Music Millennium's 49th anniversary is March 15. Terry Currier has been there for 46 of them. He owns the joint! What's new? 

Instead of sitting in the cupping room at World Cup, we are in an office located somewhere inside the Music Millennium building on East Burnside where I’m going to talk to Terry Currier who owns the joint.

It’s comforting to come to Music Millennium, not only because you can find any kind of music there is, but because it’s still HERE…unlike so much of Portland.

It’s here and Terry’s here…It’s coming up on their forty-ninth anniversary…Thursday, March 15th.

Terry and I did one of these a little while back and we both enjoyed it. Just catching up on what’s going on…but mostly two guys sitting around bullshitting about music.

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JC Tubbs

The interview with Terry was fascinating. What is incredible is the wealth of knowledge that Terry and Tom have with music, no matter the genre. I really enjoyed this

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