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Sydney's first shoot. Waterfront Blues Festival 2019
Sydney's first shoot. Waterfront Blues Festival 2019
Apres GWAR
Apres GWAR

Sydney Lewis OMN's 11 year-old photographer who specializes in Metal bands / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #406

By TOM D'ANTONI // Sydney Lewis (with a hand from her dad Mike) began shooting for OMN when she was seven. She's eleven now and has a mind of her own. If she has enough courage to get into the photo pit  and shoot bands like GWAR, imagine what she'll be like when she's 21.

I hope you have been watching the development of OMN’s young Photographer Sydney Lewis. She started shooting for us at seven years of age, under the watchful eye of her father Mike, who also takes photos for us.

Her specialty is Metal bands. Seriously. Her first shoot was at the 2019 Waterfront Blues Festival but she has shot almost exclusively Metal since then.

After the covid break she continued to shoot with more confidence and authority. She’s eleven now and shows no signs of stopping.

As a year-end treat, meet Sydney Lewis and her dad, Mike.


 Her first shoot 

The GWAR show.

Thanks to Gary Houston for recording, mixing and editing.


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