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Sugarland at Moda Center June 9, 2018 Photos


The country duo of Sugarland features Jennifer Nettles (singer) and Kristian Bush (guitar). Sugarland emerged in 2004 with their first album, Twice the Speed of Sound. The song “Baby Girl” became a country radio smash and was the start of what would become a successful career in country music. Their follow-up, Enjoy the Ride gave them two #1 singles and a Grammy. The albums, Love On the Inside and the Incredible Machine would follow and bring more even more #1s, but as the band seemed to be steadily on rise, Sugarland took a step back in 2012 and went on hiatus. Jennifer Nettles took a maternity leave and during that time both musicians tackled solo projects. After a five-year hiatus in 2017, Jennifer and Kristian rejoined forces to start their next album, Bigger and now are currently in support of that release.

Sugarland’s 2018 “Still The Same” tour just made its stop at the Moda Center. There was a good sized, Portland crowd on hand to welcome Sugarland back. They kicked off their show with “Bigger” off their new cd. The show would include their hits, new songs, and some fun covers. Live highlights included their Grammy winning “Stay” that included a powerful crowd sing along and “Little Miss” that showed the string connection the band has with its fans. Sugarland’s music is always looking for the positive and for the fun. The chemistry Jennifer and Kristian has is special and there is a total joy they share on stage together. Sugarland may have been gone for a bit, but they showed they are back and picking up right where they left off.

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Sugarland “Babe” (featuring Taylor Swift) Just released on June 9th and in a days’ time is over a million views.


All I Want to Do
Stuck Like Glue
Want To
Already Gone
Lean It On Back
Still the Same
Little Miss
Trailer Hitch (Kristian Bush solo)
Unlove You (Jennifer Nettle solo)
Incredible Machine
Let Me Remind You
We Want the Funk / Billie Jean / Express Yourself (covers mix)
Bird In A Cage
It Happens
Baby Girl
Something More

Not The Only
Lady Marmalade (Patti LaBelle cover)

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