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Storm live-streaming on her back porch. 
Photo by John Rudoff
Storm live-streaming on her back porch. Photo by John Rudoff

Best of 2020: Storm Large in the Time of Covid / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #240

From April of 2020, Storm Large right in the thick of the first wave of Covid-19. First of two best-of' 2020 Coffeeshop Conversations. Next one runs New Year's Day..

The original post from April 8, 2020 said, "Just because Storm Large not performing world-wide at the moment doesn't mean she's not busy with a million things, some music, some not....all to bring a healing."

She brought a healing, inspiration, laughs and....all the things she always gives to us but which meant (and continue to mean) so much more under the circumstances. There are two Best-ofs this year, as usual. The next one will run on New Year's Day.

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Another OMN Coffeeshop Conversation but not at Artichoke Music and not sitting with a guest…and waiting for the day we can do both again.

This time I’m talking with Storm Large, the only real star Portland has produced in this century. I don’t need to tell you anything else about her, you already know.

Since the pandemic she’s been putting up live performances on her Instagram which have been everything you could ever want.

How is she dealing with the current situation? She’s meeting it head-on, as you might expect.

Let’s hear from Storm Large.

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