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Steel Panther at the Crystal Ballroom on 01/12/18 PHOTOS


Steel Panther just came through Portland playing to a packed house at the Crystal Ballroom. They were playing live in support of their Lower The Bar tour. Portland was one of a two US shows selected before they head over to Europe.

The band consisting of Michael Starr (Vocals), Satchel (Guitar), Lexxi Foxx (Bass) and Stix Zadinia (Drums) brought their good times, rock n roll party to town. They got their fans going with their opener Supersonic. It is easy to see these guys love being onstage especially as the girls up front started flashing them from the crowd. Michael pulled an Asian fan from the crowd wanting onstage during the song Asian and that “raised” the bar for the show. Her passion and sensuality fueled their onstage fire.

These shows are 21 and over for good reason. The show took a dark turn as a fight happened in the crowd. Thinking it was some stupid, drunk scuffle the band jokingly began a slayer groove like a mosh pit was happening, but changed the direction when the seriousness set in. One fan left pretty beat up and bloodied. Cops showed up outside along with medical and even the hook n ladder.

It was a crazy scene. It really is too bad stuff like this happens. Steel Panther is not a serious band and even pokes fun at each other all the time. They have musical skill for sure, but are really fun guys in concert. Too bad that some left missing the whole point of their live show….come in, have fun, and leave your troubles at the door. Be ready Europe, hide your daughters Steel Panther is coming

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