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Starcrawler at Music Millennium & Doug Fir in Portland, OR on 10/24/22 / Photos and Review

By Brent Angelo //  Starcrawler comes to Portland for an intimate Music Millennium instore and Doug Fir headlining show. 

Starcrawler just came through Portland and delivered a one-two punch of their Rock n’ Roll. The band, which originated from Los Angeles in 2015 consists of Arrow de Wilde (lead singer), Henri Cash (Guitar), Bill Cash (pedal steel/guitar), Tim Franco (Bass) and Seth Carolina (Drums).

The band first made an instore appearance here at Portland’s Music Millennium playing a stripped-down set, then hung out with fans to sign records and take photos. Their acoustic set was a real treat and showed a different side of the band. The acoustic set included songs from their newest release, She Said, which featured stripped-down versions of “Roadkill”, “Stranded”, “She Said” and “Better Place”. While the band is well known for their energetic live shows, this acoustic side of the band showed a country-tinged side of the group.

These acoustic versions spotlighted the group’s strong vocal harmony, songwriting and the pedal steel playing by Bill Cash shone even brighter here. Starcrawler also dipped into their past catalog with “I Love LA”, “No More Pennies” and even included a fun cover of the Ramone’s “Pet Cemetery”. It was great seeing a good turnout for both the band and the store while it was also great seeing people purchasing music that directly supports both of those important causes as well. The way it should be.

Next up was Starcrawler’s headline show at Doug Fir. Here the band plugged in and simply unleashed into a fury of high energy Rock n’ Roll. Their twenty-five-song set touched on songs from all three of their studio albums, Starcrawler (2018), Devour You (2019) and the new She Said (2022). At first, glance this is a band, who really cares about their whole package. The stage screamed a vibrant pink which mirrored their newest album design and included various electronics painted in the same color. It all revealed a serious sense of style and dazzled. The stage was set. The true strength of this band is truly in their live performance. With elements of Punk and Rock n’ Roll, this is a band that brings it live and looking cool while doing it.

Lead singer, Arrow de Wilde is simply true to her name and does not hold back.  She got the crowd going many times, even crowd surfing on a few occasions. Lead guitarist, Henri Cash plays with a fiery passion and wears a smile as he does it. Henri jumped from the stage, playing guitar through the crowd, worked his way all the way back of the room to the bar and managed to bring back a drink in his mouth without missing a note. That is f’n Rock n Roll right there.

After seeing two very different sets of their music played live on that day, I see Starcrawler as a band who may be here to stay. There were long time fans in attendance, who proudly point out how many times they had seen the band and there were also the new ones there for their first time, but all left that Doug Fir show with a high sense of rock satisfaction.

For more information on Starcrawler, to check out their music and to see where they are playing live next. Here.

Music Millennium (Live Instore and signing event)
Portland, Oregon
10-24-22 (5pm)

Road Kill (video below)
Stranded (video below)
She Said (no video)
I Love LA (no video)
Pet Cemetery (The Ramones cover) (video below)
Better Place (video below)
No More Pennies (video below)

Doug Fir Lounge
Portland, Oregon
12-24-22 (10pm)

Goodtime Girl
Rich Taste
Full of Pride
I Love LA
Lovers Gone Again
Pet Cemetary (Ramones cover)
She Said (video below)
Hollywood Ending
Broken Angels
No More Pennies
Better Place
Different Angles
Pussy Tower
Bet My Brains
She Gets Around
Chicken Woman

Starcrawler "Roadkill" & "Stranded" from Music Millennium (Song 1 & 2)

Starcrawler "Pet Cemetary" cover from Music Millennium (Song 5)

Starcrawler "Better Place" from Music Millennium 10-24-22 (Song 6)

Starcrawler "No More Pennies" from Music Millennium 10-24-22

Starcrawler "She Said" LIVE at Doug Fir, Portland, OR 10-24-22

Starcrawler LIVE at Doug Fir, Portland, OR 10-24-22

For more photos from the show click on the link  Starcrawler Photo Album 

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