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Singer/songwriter Carl Solomon: Soldier Songs and Voices / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #281

By TOM D'ANTONI // Meet singer/songwriter Carl Solomon. He's part of Soldier Songs and Voices an Artichoke weekly online ZOOM event.

We’re getting closer to moving back from Skype to The Artichoke Music Café. This time next month I’ll be able to be back sitting across a table from a real live human being.

But we have had a nice run of interesting people in the meantime. Next week I’ll be talking to Curtis Salgado who has a new album coming out.

Today it’s singer/songwriter Carl Solomon, no stranger to the Artichoke Music Café. Among other things he’s a part of the popular Soldier Songs and Voices which is now an Artichoke weekly online ZOOM event.

Carl has been singing and writing songs for decades and if you’re a part of or a fan of that community, you know that. He and I are both from Baltimore Maryland but we compared notes on those experiences both before and after we were rolling.

Meet Carl Solomon

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