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Tevis left, Shoehorn right.
Tevis left, Shoehorn right.

Shoehorn talks with Tevis Hodge Jr. / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #395

By Michael Shoehorn Conley // Shoehorn sits in the anchor chair for this episode and talks with Bluesman Tevis Hodge, Jr who he has played with. Listen to two musicians talk about their music.

There’s a new addition to Coffeeshop Conversations this time. I asked Saxophonist/Tap Dancer Shoehorn aka Michael Conley to sit in my chair and lead the conversation with someone he wanted to talk to.

He’s an entertaining guy and I wanted to hear what he did with one of these things. He chose Blues singer/guitarist Tevis Hodge, Jr. who in the past few years has made quite a name for himself in the Blues World.

They have played together many times and it’s interesting to hear them talk musician to musician without being too technical.

That’s what I have liked about the stories Shoehorn has written for OMN.

Let’s listen to him and Tevis Hodge. Jr.


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