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Photo by Anthony Pidgeon
Photo by Anthony Pidgeon

Let's binge Rebecca Sanborn on Coffeeshop Conversations

Composer/keyboardist/vocalist Rebecca Sanborn has been a frequent visitor to the coffeeshop over the years, beginning in 2015. Here are all of her conversations including one seemingly moments before she gave birth and including a video episode. All bingeworthy.

Since March we've been binging on everything from food to TV...all media really. So why not binge on one of our favorite Coffeeshop Conversations guests.

Rebecca Sanborn is a keyboardist, composer, vocalist and all around smart person. You may listen to these in any order. They range from her first visit in 2015 , when we were actually doing these in a coffeeshop, to last fall when she and her husband, percussionist/composer Ji Tanzer came to Artichoke Music and we did a video episode back when you could go anywhere at any time and do anything including handshakes and hugs.

The photo from 2015 and is by Anthony Pidgeon and ran in the print version of OMN that we published for a year.

We'll be back next week with a new episode. We've only missed a couple of new weekly episodes since we kicked it off in 2014. Snow I think.

Happy binging.

 From November 27, 2019

 After Nadia was born OMN's Lisa Helfer talked with Rebecca and Wqyne Horvitz here. There's more with Wayne at the top but lots of Rebecca later. From April 27, 2018 

From November 24, 2017

From January 26, 2015


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