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Curtis Salgado and Lloyd Jones sat in with Portland based band The Knuckleheads, one of eight bands performing at the grand opening of the Rose Room Bar and Grill.
Curtis Salgado and Lloyd Jones sat in with Portland based band The Knuckleheads, one of eight bands performing at the grand opening of the Rose Room Bar and Grill.

Rose Room Bar and Grill opens on NE Killingsworth

BY SCOTT CUNNINGHAM // Returns live music and events to site of former Taylor's Viewpoint

Portland's newest live music venue and event space, the Rose Room Bar and Grill, opened for business on March 20th, 2016 with a benefit concert and silent auction to raise funds for the Portland Multiple Sclerosis Society, who then helped provide support for Portland blues musician Dave Kahl and his wife, Lynn.

Located near the Portland Airport at the intersection of 82nd and Killingsworth, the 13,000 square-foot site is the former location of the iconic Taylor's Viewpoint, which was at one time Portland's premiere country and western live music venue. Among others, Buck Owens, George Jones, and Charlie Pride all performed at Taylor's.

Taylor's was opened in 1959 by Pete and Myrtle Taylor, but closed in 1969 when the couple retired. Subsequent owners operated an adult cabaret at the site during the ensuing years before abandoning the building.

New owners Amy Ravagni, John Sather and Terry Kimmons purchased the empty building last fall, taking possession in late November. Their goal is to transform the site into the east side's go-to live music destination, featuring local and national artists.

Having sat empty for several months, the building had fallen into a state of disrepair and had been overtaken by squatters, who further contributed to the rather poor interior conditions.

Renovations began shortly after possession and the new owners removed a whopping 400 cubic yards (ten loads of the largest dumpster available) of trash, ruined furnishings, and other interior elements over the next three months.

One of the three stages removed from the building's interior


Once finished with the interior cleaning , the owners turned their attention toward remodeling. One of the first steps was to remove three separate stages that had been used for exotic dancers. Removing the stages paid big dividends, as the new owners discovered dollar bills that had fallen under the stages.

Another big task was refurnishing the flooring and installing a cushioned dance floor, replacing somewhat dated, shall we say, tiles. Moda Center sound engineer Mick Boyt contributed his expertise to design and install the sound system.

Standing weekly events planned for the room include the Ron Steen Jam on Mondays (8pm-11pm), KMHD disc jockey Tom D'Antoni spinning a live version of his Friday night soul and funk based show "I Like it Like That" on Tuesdays (7pm-11pm), and King Louie's Soul-Jazz Jam on Wednesdays (8pm-11pm).

Ravagni has a long history of charitable work, particularly St. Jude's Children's Hospital, and envisions herself partnering with local and national charities to host monthly fundraising events.

Future plans for the building include opening an event space upstairs, exterior beautification, and creating a rooftop area for guests to mingle in the outdoors.

Upcoming events for the Rose Room Bar and Grill include Five Guys Named Moe (Friday 5/6), the Norman Sylvester Band (Saturday 5/7), a CD release party for Lisa Mann's new album (Friday 5/13), and the Andy Stokes Band (Saturday 5/14). Tracy Turner-Pain of Soul Sisters Productions is spearheading marketing efforts and booking entertainment.

MORE: Rose Room Bar and Grill is located at 8102 NE Killingsworth St, Portland, OR, 97218. Details for all events can be found on the venue's website.

Buck Owens and his Buckaroos publicity picture from their performance at Taylor's Viewpoint. Note the band fee of $350 per night.

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Beverly Raffaele

Fun and chartible too with the greatest bands in the NW to entertain us. Keep an eye on their website for all the info and progress. There is much more coming down the road.

Richard Potts

$350 a night. Lots of great local bands still making about this rate.

Mary H Cummings

I am THRILLED to finally have such a great venue on the East side!!! I have been in attendance 3 times now (including the opening night benefit) and I can honestly say, it FAR exceeds any visions I have harbored for an entertainment venue! Lovely owners, Surprisingly pleasing interior aesthetic, top notch sound system, a SUPERB dance floor (a must have for THIS active dancing girl) and the most unexpected thing (and I say this with from the extremely picky eater and cook that I am) the food is exceptional for a club and could easily be a top notch restaurant, in it's own rite. An unexpected, complete package. It has my full support.

Arty Lange

Heard the Rose Room now has Country Music 4 nites a week with live bands - please email me as to if this is correct info - tnks !

Paul Hooson

Sadly, very little of this story is true here. This wasn't some $2 million giant nightclub, fully equipped as a turnkey business with $100,000 in restaurant, audio, lighting equipment and fully furnished just sitting "abandoned" for a fast talking real estate scammer like Amy Ravagni to come along and occupy and not pay rent for 11 months in. I owned this valuable property until March 17, 2016, where Amy and her associates claimed they were going to purchase this property since May of 2015, and only signed a lease with me on July 23, 2015, giving me a mere $7569 against the $5000 a month rent and the $5400 deposit on the itemized list of $100,000 in equipment they were leasing from me. Ravagni had a Dec 31, 2016 deadline to actually purchase this property from me, which she missed just like she missed rent payments. Ms. Ravagni had misrepresented to me that her claimed business partners were a former Portland Trailblazer and Portland Meadows. Instead, she captured the confidence of a young businessman, using his money to do some remodeling on the property. He quickly became wary that he was being scammed here and dropped out of partnership with Ravangi who filed bogus deeds on the property. Ravagni lost lawsuits in both federal and state court and was evicted from this property. The property was not so loaded with trash as this story claims, as Amy threw out a nearly new refrigerator that we were still making payments on, perfectly good desks, tables, chairs, office equipment, store stock and much more. Ahead of a court date, I attempted to serve Ms. Ravagni papers, and instead of meeting with me she called 911, where John Sather later walked and lied to officers when I attempted to serve papers. A few days later, a federal judge brought a decision against Ms. Ravagni for her role filing bogus deeds on the property in their illegal effort at property theft and rent evasion. Ms. Ravagni currently has at least 20 court judgments against her.

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