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Ron Buel / couv.com
Ron Buel / couv.com

Ron Buel: Coffeeshop Conversations #134 / Willamette Week's founder on the state of journalism in Oregon

By TOM D'ANTONI // What is required to fill the hard news void in Oregon? A unique perspective from someone who's seen it all...and participated.

Welcome back to World Cup Coffee and Tea for another OMN Coffeeshop Conversation. In the cupping room today is Ron Buel who was the founder of Willamette Week in the days when journalism was made on paper.

He has a unique perspective on the history of journalism in Oregon, and of the current state of it because he has seen it all…and participated.

If you’re wondering where the music angle is, there isn’t one. We’re expanding the scope of Coffeeshop Conversations…mostly on music, but not completely.

If I’m going to keep you interested in the podcast, I have to keep me interested and I’m very interested in hearing what Ron Buel has to say, particularly about what he sees for the future of journalism in general and Oregon in particular.

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