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Robert Wynia talks with Inessa and Terry Briggs: Stoking the Bonfire of Creative Juice (audio)

By INESSA // Robert Wynia on the creation of an album, and how it feels like building a house; piece by piece, brick by brick.

With a solo album out barely over a year, comes a new Floater record, hot on the heels of Brave the Strange. The ideas and notes, lyrics, themes, and concepts don’t seem to ever stop churning in the mind of Robert Wynia.

 Loss. Abandonment. Real. Alive

Lucky are those who find a path into and through their art. Be it in photography, film, stringing notes together, producing and recording, creating “poetry in motion”, as the song goes. Robert Wynia has a seeming knack for all of that and who knows what else. I think it’s, in part, an innate curiosity about life and how and where to live it out. And most of all, the courage to go forth on the path, and do it!  Done and done.  The new Floater album has arrived with the “overriding themes of loss, abandonment and the need to acquire the feel of being real and alive” Robert tells me.  Welcome The Thief.

 Teri Briggs and I had the pleasure to sit down with Robert in mid-June for a catch up on, well, everything! The difference between Robert’s solo work, most recently Brave the Strange, to how it fits into his Floater work with David Amador, Rich Landar, and Mark Powers. The themes that pervade this new collection of music. The creation of an album, and how it feels like building a house; piece by piece, brick by brick. The value or not, of doing a live album. How the artwork came to life for this new collection of music.  And of course, Floater life on the road. Plus! A really thrilling world-wide adventure Robert is ready to embark upon. It involves music, but family as well. Listen and discover with us!

 Don’t miss this powerful video. So existential. If you like that sort of thing. Which I personally am moved to embrace.

Here’s the link to the photographer Robert mentions, who inspired the cover art: Gabriel Guerrero.

Check out my conversation with Robert last year when we chatted up about his new solo effort.

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