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Reggie Houston moving back to New Orleans

Beloved saxophonist Reggie Houston is returning to New Orleans. Here's something he wants you to know.

Hi Y’all,

I hope this message finds everyone happy, healthy and wise.  Needless to say, I’ve missed you all immensely during our forced separation.  These few words cannot convey the deep feelings I have for each of you who are reading this little note.

I will be leaving Portland and returning to New Orleans by the end of May.  The home loan amount I could acquire to purchase a house in Portland was not a sufficient amount to buy a house.  As many of you know, I have been attempting to find a place for nearly three years.  At present, I have made an offer on a house in New Orleans.  I pray that I get the house there without any more obstacles.  

This was not an easy decision for me to make.  Neither does it mean that I am severing my Portland citizenship.

I plan on being a frequent and hopefully welcomed guest back to my home away from home.  In the months to come I intend on singling out each and every individual who have been so special to me.  

But I must mention and give special thanks and recognition to JIM ADAIR n FAMILY, Peter Dammann, DK Stewart, Tom D’Antoni, Turtle and Carmen Vandemarr, Tim Acott, Janice Scroggins and Family, Kathy Ware, The Mystic Krewe of Nimbus, Jim Flynn, Sarah Koroan, Kristin Valinsky, the Laurelthirst Family, Wayne Cannon and the Cannon’s Rib Express Family, Joe Shore and The Candlelight Family, Ethan-Tobis and The Eats Family, Chantal Angot/Anh Lu and the Tapalya Family, Staff @ The Oregon Food Bank and many, many more.

Due to the pandemic we cannot hug like we’d like to.  But I’m sending virtual hugs, high fives and kisses to all of you.  I love each of you yesterday, today and forever. 



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Travel safely. It's sad that PDX elite culture is driving artists away, along with the culture that they foster.

Kathleen Naiman

Our loss is New Orleans' gain, my friend. You deserve all the best, my friend. I guess I'll have to mail a sweet potato pie for your birthday this year. Jason & I, Lilla, Sam, Emily, Sauvie & Miles, and Michael all have deep love and respect for you. Big hugs!

Mary Cummings

Oh, Reggie! I will miss your joyful living spirit, those soulful, beautiful notes that exude from your horns, and that ever present smile. You're one of the best things about Portland! Summer, ribs, Cannon's, Tapalaya, the Portland Interfaith Gospel Choir, and this whole music scene will never be the same without you!

David Kahl

Your presence, while still felt, will be greatly missed, as it already has for the past year, my friend. My prayers are with you and my hope is that you settle into the place you both want and deserve.

Please remember that your invitation to join the Bayou Boyz, pretty much on demand, is always open.

Que votre vie soit prospère et pleine de bonheur. Paix, mon frère.

Antoinette Paglicci Plunkett

Oh nooooooooo ... I am crying a river. Missing you already. Prayers for your house deal to work out, and to many, many visits to Portland. Expecting a big hug by that time!! xoxoxo

Judy Blanchard

You will be missed, but I can understand your decision. May the purchase of the new home go well and the move even better. Take care. Stay in touch with the Mysti Krewe of Nimbus. Do not be a stranger here in Portland. God Bless, you, Reggie.

Elizabeth “Cubbies” Cox

Reggie! Say it ain’t so! I will always treasure the fact I am lucky enough to call you my friend. Thank you for all the fantastic memories, including my Fathers Day gift to my Dad. You will be so very missed by many. Best of luck and hope our paths cross again very soon, Mr. Houston! Geaux Cubs!

Holley Bendtsen

Holla at us, Pooh. What fun to see and hear you again!!


Welcome Home!!

Give me a shout.

Stay Strong!! Be Safe!!

Jan & Ric Mancuso

Reggie: we are so glad you connected with Portland and wishing you a successful return to New Orleans. Huge hugs from both of us. Jan and Ric Mancuso

Joey Scruggs

Aww man! I’ll be looking for a your visits to your second home, Portland.
Wow - I never thought houses in Portland were ever going to be this expensive. That’s Portland in the 21st century!
I love you’re sax playing, and especially your story telling...but what I like the most is your happy, positive attitude and a knowledge of how to use your talents to make us all smile and create our own positive vibrations to change the world, too.
You deserve the very best, my friend!

Chakula cha Jua

Welcome home Reg. Look forward to seeing you again. You should arrive just in time for me to celebrate my 56th birthday. See you soon.

Sharon Parker

we have missed you so much this past year and are sending you hugs so big they might get awkward 💗 love your heart and your soul and, of course, your music. You will always have a room with us on what I hope are frequent trips back to Portland. Godspeed, my dear one.

Morgan Reynolds

Sundays and molasses cookies will forever be in my mind as your day. Travel safe my friend, you always have a place here. Big hug!

Steve Wiley

Hi Reggie,

We have met many times, not only in clubs but at many "In the House" concerts at friend homes in Portland. I remember when you first came to Portland. I remember the painting that my friend Diane Russell did of you with your feet in the water after Katrina hit in 2005. You are a fine man, a great talent and wonderful gentleman, sir.

I left Portland too, in late 2019, and moved to Richmond, VA to be near family after a complex spinal operation put me down. I know that we have to make tough decisions sometimes. Leaving Portland after 41 years there was one of mine. But we do what is necessary as conditions change in our lives. I want to say thank you for all of the joy you brought to Portland. This is particularly true for those of us who are musicians, who understand, appreciate and admire your great talent. Portland will miss you so very much. I miss you too.

Please put me on your mailing list so that I may follow you. If you ever get to Richmond, Va or the District of Columbia please let me know and I will definitely show up. Check out the dinner club here in Richmond (RVA) called the Tin Pan. You and your band would be great there I am sure. I travel to Nawlins from time to time. If you become a regular at a club in the Quarter, I'd like to know.

Have a great year ahead kind sir. Stay healthy and continue making that great music for the world to hear and enjoy. I wish you all the best my friend. Good luck with the new house. It is time for you to return home.

Steve Wiley

David Turpen


Robin Gibson

I will see you down there in January, Reggie.

Save travels until then my friend, and we will go have dinner with the Neals when I come down.

Darlene Aschbacher

Sad you are leaving Portland; wishing the absolute best in New Orleans. Will miss seeing you @Eat. Plan on seeing me in New Orleans where you are playing your gig. D

Darlene Aschbachet

Add me to your mailing list.

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